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Reasons Why You Must Use VPN

Most people use VPNs to access certain websites or services that are blocked by internet service providers (ISPs) on instructions from the government. Blocked sites generally contain adult content, gambling, hoax news dissemination sites, hate spread sites and other negative content…

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Actually the VPN function is not just a tool to unblock or divert IP addresses to certain countries. Using a VPN is arguably one of the must (mandatory) for security reasons for everyone who frequently uses the internet. I myself often use VPN for certain conditions in the internet, a lot of free and paid VPN provider services that you can use. Then, what is the best vpn app for android?

The following are the real important functions of using a VPN, so it’s not just about opening blocked sites.

1. Security reasons
Do you know that data coming in and out through the internet can be intercepted by anyone? Includes search history, online transactions, e-mail, and various other activities.

If this data is leaked into the hands of people who are not responsible, it could be misused. By using a VPN, all data that you are accessing is encrypted and hidden by the VPN. If there is someone who is doing evil snooping on this data, at least have to break the VPN encryption. Not infrequently many companies dare to pay expensive VPN service providers for stronger data security and encryption, making it difficult to penetrate. A lot of people in Taiwan look for vpn 推薦  which means VPN recommendation. 

2. Prevent Tracking
Tracking internet users is no stranger, just call Facebook, Google or Twitter. These three social media giants are tracking their users. Instead, they provide a timeline and all the history that you can open at any time. It may not be realized that you have been used to be controlled by interest-based advertising.

At some point, we can be sure that on your timeline there will be more other advertising content that is relevant to your history when browsing through the internet. Even though you might not have any interest or interest in advertising, Facebook, Google, or Twitter have managed to track you down successfully. Except that, Whatever, wherever your location is they can find out through the location map that you carry on your smartphone.