Why paying for a VPN with a lifetime subscription is wrong

A VPN is a great tool to keep your identity and online privacy safe. However, it can be expensive to buy a lifetime subscription. Is it really worth the price?

The “vpn unlimited lifetime vs lifetime premium” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer is that paying for a VPN with a lifetime subscription is wrong.

Remember the proverb: if it appears too good to be true, it usually is the next time you come across the bargain of a lifetime providing a lifetime membership to a VPN service.

All you need to do is take into account these straightforward facts to comprehend why these deals are, at best, a lousy investment and, at worst, a swindle from a shady reseller:

What kind of corporate structure employs the VPN provider?

Establishing and maintaining a VPN is expensive. Prior to marketing expenses, certifications, and maintenance, the corporation must first create applications for a variety of platforms, set up and operate servers in a variety of nations, and keep their servers safe both physically and virtually.

The business will need a consistent inflow of cash since all these expenses are not one-time investments. If it begins selling lifetime memberships, they will get an immediate cash infusion but a decrease in future income flow.

Continually adding users isn’t a financially sound strategy either since it strains the servers and necessitates frequent improvements. This positive feedback cycle will finally come to an end.

If there is no incentive, why would the service be of high quality?

The same idea underlies all subscription services: client retention. Keep your clients satisfied, and they’ll continue to pay for your services. If the service is poor, your client will patronize your rival and give them money. Simple, yes?

What would motivate a VPN provider to maintain a good service if you paid up front for a lifetime subscription? Since they already have your money, keeping customers is no longer a concern.

This makes it possible for the VPN provider to supply its clients with subpar services. You are allowed to voice your concerns, but why would they make any changes?

Once again, you have already paid, you cannot reverse that decision, and the business is not in danger. In the worst situation, you may choose to move somewhere, but you will have to pay again for a different service.

What is the duration of your lifetime VPN subscription?

Even if the advertisement said that the membership was lifetime, this does not guarantee that you would be able to utilize the service indefinitely. There is no assurance that the VPN service will still exist in five or ten years.

It’s more probable that the provider you purchased for a lifetime VPN service won’t be operating in the near future since businesses come and go.

Always be careful of offers that promise you a lifetime of anything for a one-time payment, even if this advice still seems pessimistic. In the best-case scenario, the VPN provider will abruptly stop operating one day, while the worst-case scenario is that you would get subpar service.

Due to the fact that over 20000 businesses fail every year, you should keep this in mind at all times. While your VPN provider may not necessary do this, it never hurts to be ready for the worst.

Better services are always available.

In such a cutthroat sector, VPN companies are always looking for methods to minimize their costs or improve the services they give to users. This brings up consumer retention once again.

You will undoubtedly lose out on new technological developments if you commit yourself to a single supplier in the long run.

The benefit of restricted plans is that you may eventually quit and switch to a provider that provides features that are more essential to you or a better cost. You are free to look around after your plan has expired.

If you are really interested in purchasing a lifetime VPN membership, we must warn you that this is often a fraudulent enterprise. This strategy has been used by several tiny VPN service providers to make fast money so they can support themselves.

Because of this, you won’t discover many legitimate one-time payment choices if you’re really looking for them. The most typical and closest option is the 3-year bundle.

3 things should be your main priorities:

  • Pricing. The subscription would be profitable even if the service were to end after, say, 3 or 4 years.
  • the variety of platforms and devices that are supported.
  • Usage reliability. many servers and quick bandwidth.

We made sure to provide you a selection of the best VPN services that are affordable over an extended period of time.

As you can see, the majority of trustworthy VPN companies do not provide lifetime memberships but do give longer-term options. Never fall into lifelong frauds; instead, think about annual or even 3-year plans.

VPNs that are worth signing up for on a long-term basis

1. Personal online access


Like many reliable VPN companies, access to a private internet doesn’t provide a lifetime membership option. You may, however, choose a monthly, six-month, or annual membership. You must always buy a membership to PIA through the official website.

Once you’ve registered, you may use all of your devices to browse the web anonymously and safely. Additionally, you may get around any geo-restrictions by quickly connecting to one of the hundreds of servers that are accessible globally.

Your surfing activities will remain secret since PIA strictly adheres to the no-logs policy. Additionally, there are no restrictions on how much bandwidth you may use.

You get a 30-day money-back guarantee if for any reason you are unhappy with the service, only to demonstrate how confident PIA is in your pleasure with the services offered. Additionally, the helpful support team is available to you for any questions you may have.

When you begin using PIA, you may anticipate the following features:

  • Unrestricted capacity
  • More than 3000 servers throughout more than 45 nations
  • Up to 10 devices may be protected at once.
  • data encryption of a military nature
  • P2P assistance
  • SOCKS5 Proxy Contains

 access to a private internet

access to a private internet

You may choose the correct subscription plan from PIA’s selection of short- and long-term subscriptions. Take advantage of a sizable discount now!


When it comes to the price/reliability ratio, CyberGhost combines the best elements to provide a viable option. With 3600+ servers spread over 60+ countries, CyberGhost is right up there at the top of the list in terms of server count.

Romania is the site, therefore you wouldn’t have to be concerned about the 5 Eyes nations where your privacy would be jeopardized. While all of the servers enable torrenting, only some of them offer Netflix streaming.

The server speeds are very similar to those of the other two places on our list. a minimum of on certain servers.

In terms of features, CyberGhost is perhaps the most well-known for its ease of use. Two clicks are often sufficient to connect to a server of your choice thanks to the user interface’s ease of use.

It works with all major platforms and enables up to seven devices connected at once with one account.

Currently, it costs $100 for three years, making it somewhat more expensive than NordVPN but still more reasonable than Surfshark.



Searching for a VPN that offers a rewarding long-term subscription? Check out CyberGhost VPN.

NordVPN 3.


When it comes to VPN services, NordVPN has progressively risen to the top of the food chain. Just that it truly provides a decent service for the money paid, as opposed to depending on aggressive promotion.

It was a very alluring alternative for so many people due to the record number of servers and the fact that it is based in Panama rather than one of the 5 eyes nations.

Additionally, the NordVPN service is designed with strong privacy in mind, so you won’t have to worry about IP/DNS leaks or provider-kept secret records.

It completely enables torrenting and streaming geo-restricted material, and it supports up to 6 devices per account (including Netflix). Your PCs and portable devices are protected since NordVPN is compatible with every platform imaginable.

In Nord’s example, the lifetime membership is a $37, three-year subscription. This is a fantastic choice if split monthly. You will pay around $3 for a single month, which is a great price.

Visit NordVPN right now and give it a go. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee included with the 3-year membership option. If you are dissatisfied with the service it offers, you may request a refund.

Additionally, you need to be aware that NordVPN could not change IP addresses. Check out our essay on the subject to learn how to quickly fix it.



One of the top VPN services available, NordVPN offers reasonably priced long-term memberships.

4. the shark


Surfshark seems to be a master of none and a jack of all crafts. It has more than 800 servers spread over 50 different nations, and it provides all the standard encryption techniques.

Netflix and other streaming services function well with it, while torrenting and P2P are completely supported. It supports an infinite number of devices on all the platforms you can imagine, in contrast to its rivals.

Additionally, the Camouflage mode conceals your IP so well that even your ISP will struggle to find it. In addition to supporting an infinite number of devices, it also has a rigorous no-logs policy and an integrated ad blocker.

The 36-month package from Surfshark is perhaps the most reasonably priced option available. You will get a respectable 3-year VPN service for the cost of $70.



Searching for a VPN that offers a reasonably priced long-term membership plan? Attempt Surfshark.

In conclusion, we hope that the information provided here has helped you realize why purchasing a VPN with a lifetime membership is unwise.

Before selecting a VPN service, there are many factors to consider, and with time, the present plan or product may no longer meet your demands.

Therefore, the longest period of time we encourage you to commit to would be a 3-year membership package if you don’t want to be tied to a lifetime plan or service that may likewise cease to exist at any point.

The VPNs we listed above are trustworthy and well-known, and they have subscription plans ranging from one month to three years. You are welcome to use them and choose for yourself if they provide what they promise.

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The “lifetime subscription vpn” is a service that should not be used. The reason for this is because the cost of the service will increase over time and it’s not worth the price.

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