FIX: TIDAL not available in your country (3 easy solutions)

If you’re living in a country where TIDAL isn’t available, there are three easy solutions: 1. Download the app from another region 2. Use a VPN 3. Change your IP address

The “tidal mod apk” is a solution for those who are unable to use TIDAL in their country. These solutions will help you get around the problem and listen to TIDAL on your phone.

TIDAL is a Norwegian music, podcast, and video streaming service that has established itself as one of the most well-known of its type, ranking with services like iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Pandora, SoundCloud, and others.

Boasting over 57 million songs in their catalog and over 225,000 high-quality videos, premium, and high-fidelity sound quality, high-resolution video, TIDAL is the go-to place for music enthusiasts and audio & video content consumers in general.

In comparison to other services of a similar kind, it is widely recognized for its excellent audio quality. Users choose Tidal because in addition to music songs, it also incorporates its own programs and documentaries and provides unique access to live event video.

TIDAL supported nations

Currently accessible in 60 nations, TIDAL intends to become global in the near future. Several of these nations include:

  • Albania
  • Argentina
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece

To find out whether your nation is included or not, you may go through the remaining list of nations.

TIDAL is sadly unavailable in various countries for the following reasons:

  • Turkey – Due to the country’s new internet rules, TIDAL will cease operations in Turkey as of November 10, 2021.
  • Although there have been countless enquiries from residents of the Philippines, it is still unavailable.
  • India – TIDAL has not yet made its services available.

Prices for TIDAL by nation:

  • US$9.99 per month
  • England: £9.99 per month
  • Saudi Arabia: $5.50 per month
  • Starting at RON 19.99 per month in Romania
  • Bulgaria: monthly rates begin at BGN 8.99.
  • 99 ARS per month in Argentina
  • R$16.90 per month in Brazil

These are but a few nations’ pricing. Using VPN software, you can constantly compare costs across nations.

Prices subject to change without prior notice. Depending on the membership plan, locality, and time, they may vary. Always check the official cost and weigh your choices before using an app.

You might have a look at some of the top VPN software solutions that are entirely compatible with the service if you want to browse the Tidal catalog without worrying about geo-restrictions.

If your nation is not included on the list and TIDAL does not have any immediate plans to provide service there, we have several workarounds for you.

If TIDAL is unavailable in my country, what should I do?

Use a VPN service, first

Rest assured that we’ve got you covered if you’re not acquainted with the idea of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). By enabling you to access to the Internet from a server in another nation, a VPN gets around geographical limitations.

Because Private Internet Access has a very wide server coverage across the globe, it can overcome any limitations regardless of what specifically you wish to access. For this reason, we highly suggest it.

Moreover, it is incredibly user-friendly. Even if you’ve never used software like this before, you can set it up in a few of clicks.

Your transmission is encrypted by PIA across a secure tunnel, further securing your privacy and safeguarding your sensitive information.

Additionally, the service has a very open privacy policy. It contains a killswitch mechanism that makes sure your data is protected even if the connection breaks and it does not record any user behavior.

Therefore, if TIDAL is not yet accessible where you are, you may utilize PIA to reach a location that will get around the limitation. The program can connect to the best server for your particular requirements, but if you’d like, you may choose the server manually.

So, adhere to the instructions in the list below to access TIDAL with private internet connection:

  1. Choose the subscription package that best fits you by visiting the PIA website.
  2. Create an account by entering the requested information.
  3. For your OS, get the PIA version.
  4. Start the installer, then adhere to the installation instructions.
  5. By hitting the power button in the UI, you may connect and log in.

I’m done now. You may now stream without limitations and hassle-free enjoy your preferred music and video material.

Use a Smart DNS service, second

The mechanism known as DNS (Domain Name System) enables the conversion of domain names into IP (Internet Protocol) addresses.

You may conceal your geographic location and access geo-restricted material from other areas of the globe by using a Smart DNS.

When utilizing a smart DNS, your internet service provider’s allocated DNS address—which includes data that may identify your location—will be swapped out with the address of a brand-new, specifically designated smart DNS server.

A Smart DNS service covers your actual DNS address, but a VPN hides your IP address and lets you access blocked material.

Smart DNS is the fastest method of gaining access to geo-restricted material.

Stick with a VPN as it encrypts your internet traffic, shielding you from prying eyes and hackers if security and privacy are more important to you than speed.

Smart DNS could be a way for you to access TIDAL if the service is prohibited where you are, but you should pick what functions best for you based on the features and comparisons provided.

Use a proxy server, third

Proxy servers operate as relays between your device and the website you’re browsing.

By passing your online requests and Internet traffic via the proxy server, a proxy enables you browse the web anonymously.

Your communication appears to come from the proxy server’s IP address rather than your actual IP address to the receiving server.

Since a result, you may use a proxy to access geo-restricted websites and applications (in this example, TIDAL), as it masks your true location and directs your traffic via a server that hosts the banned material.

Proxies only function at the application level, which means they only redirect traffic originating from the one program you set the proxy with and they don’t encrypt your traffic (unless the OS permits you to install them system-wide, like in Windows 10).

Since the majority of proxy servers on the internet are free, they will likely be overloaded, which will slow down your browsing and reduce its security due of limited support, limited configuration choices, and poor infrastructure.

When utilizing TIDAL, employing a proxy can help you get around access restrictions, but you must obviously consider the qualities mentioned and how they compare to VPN or Smart DNS.


You may get around the restriction on downloading and using the TIDAL streaming service by using any of the techniques mentioned above.

Select the one that fits you best based on your unique requirements and available alternatives.

However, if you care a lot about your online safety and privacy and want to use TIDAL without any hiccups, you should choose a VPN.

TIDAL is a music streaming service that allows users to listen to high quality music. Unfortunately, the service is not available in many countries. Luckily, there are 3 easy solutions that can be used to get it cheaper. Reference: how to get tidal cheaper.

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