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VPNCentral.com is a website that provides VPN services. Recently, they have been experiencing problems with their Thunder VPN service. They are looking for someone to help them fix the problem. If you can help them out, please do so!

The “how to use thunder vpn for free internet” is a blog post that has been written by the VPNCentral team. The article will show you how to fix the issue of Thunder VPN not working.

Thunder VPN is a free Android software that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and provides its customers with respectable services.

Because the software is free, it has several drawbacks, such as the fact that Thunder VPN sometimes doesn’t function at all.

Beyond this, the lack of a kill switch and poor logging rules are consequences of its free nature.

Nowadays, a lot of users choose free VPN companies and overlook any restrictions or security concerns that may be there.

This post will undoubtedly be helpful if you want to keep using Thunder VPN since we’ll cover the best fixes for this bothersome problem.

How can I proceed if Thunder VPN isn’t functioning?

Start your phone again.

  1. For a little while, hold down the power button.
  2. Choose Restart from the menu.

Android shows restart phone

  1. Activate the gadget.

Launch the Thunder VPN software once again once your Android device has finished loading its features to see whether the issue is still there.

Follow the following steps if it doesn’t work.

2. Verify your phone’s Internet connection.

  1. On the Android smartphone, tap the Settings icon.

android settings

  1. Select Connections from the list by tapping it.


  1. Select WiFi.

Android shows WiFi

  1. Verify that your Wi-Fi is active.

Android shows WiFi is connected

Verify that your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection is operational if your Thunder VPN isn’t functioning.

Once you can see that the internet connection is active, try activating the VPN once again to check if there are any issues.

3. Upgrade the software on your phone.

  1. The Settings icon on your Android smartphone should be selected.

android settings

  1. Select Software update from the list by tapping it.

Android shows software update

  1. Decide whether you want to update the program manually or automatically.


It is understandable why a lot of Android users don’t update their smartphones’ software as regularly as they need to.

You must keep in mind, however, that upgrading your smartphone’s operating system enables you to solve security concerns and enhances the general functionality of your device.

Updating your device can solve your issue if your Thunder VPN isn’t functioning.

4. Correctly set the date and time on your phone.

  1. The Settings icon on your Android smartphone should be selected.

android settings

  1. Select General management from the list by tapping it.

Android- shows-general-management

  1. Select the Date and time option from the General Management box.

Android shows date and time

  1. Select the Automatic date and time option under Date and time.

Android shows automatic date and time

  1. From Automatic date and time, set the date, time, and time zone.


It’s likely that your phone’s time or date is off if your Thunder VPN fails. Verify that the area and time zone selected in your Thunder account correspond to those on your smartphone.

Setting the time and date on your phone might resolve your Thunder VPN problem since apps need an accurate clock to function correctly.

5. Disable Thunder VPN by force

  1. In the Settings menu of your Android smartphone, tap on Settings.

android settings

  1. To locate Apps in the list, scroll down under Settings.

Android phone shows apps

  1. Click on Apps.

Android apps settings

  1. In the list of apps, look for Thunder, then touch on it.
  2. On the Thunder App information screen, click the Force stop button.
  3. Tap the Force stop button on the Thunder App info screen.

6. Delete any stored data in the Thunder VPN application

  1. To access the Thunder app on your Android smartphone, follow the instructions from the previous solution.
  2. On the App details page, click Storage.
  3. On the Storage screen, click Clear data.

7. Take into account a different VPN program

We propose switching to a different VPN program as a last option if the aforementioned recommendations don’t appear to resolve the issue.

Because Private Internet Access is one of the top VPN programs and offers a steady connection at a decent speed with a high degree of encryption, we highly suggest it.

It may serve as a viable substitute for Thunder VPN since it is compatible with a variety of operating systems on both desktop and mobile devices.

Your information is absolutely confidential since PIA does not record any user activity. Advanced split tunneling, unrestricted bandwidth, ad tracking, ad blocking, and other features are available in all of its applications, including the Android version.

Although not free, this program is among the most affordable solutions and often has sales and discounts. Additionally, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not happy with how it works.

⇒ Get PIA

The cached data may be too big if your Thunder VPN is not functioning, therefore you might think about clearing it.

If the software is glitchy and exposes you to security risks, clearing the store data typically helps.


To sum up, if Thunder VPN is not functioning on your Android phone or tablet, start by forcibly closing the application.

Additionally, you may erase the app’s storage data and make sure it is updated to the most recent version. Additionally, you need update the system on your phone and appropriately set the date and time.

And be sure to get in touch with the Thunder VPN support team if none of the methods work.

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