Month: February 2020

Understanding About VPN

There are so many benefits that you can get when you and your office use VPN. One of them is remote access, this feature allows you to be able to access the internet using only the internet network. This can also be done, even if you use a different network. As long as your network is recognized by VPN, you will still be able to connect to the internet. In addition, there are many other benefits that you can get you to know reddit what is the best vpn. 1. By Pass You usually have limited access to a site while in a country. Suppose you are in country A which prohibits access to website A. When you switch countries, your network is known as a network originating from country B, then you will be allowed to access website A. This is called the Internet ByPass. 2. The existence of a Data Security System You who have your own VPN can also get many benefits, especially in terms of securing data when accessing a public network. VPN will be useful for protecting against data exchange that you do when accessing an untrusted network. This is very useful when you use WiFi in cafes, bars, and other public places. 3. Ensuring the Security of Personal Information Anyone who does not use VPN can easily be traced to realtime location while using internet access. It can be said that almost anyone who knows this way will be able to track your position. Surely you do not want that to happen right. To avoid this, you can use a VPN which can hide your location when you are accessing the internet. This VPN has a very simple way of working which will encrypt data exchange swiftly. In fact, the encryption is done quickly before a public connection, such as a café reading data exchange. Internet access as done by using a special VPN alias does not use the main network.

Remote Access and Remote Desktop

The term remote access and remote desktop are certainly not new in the network world, almost all office agencies that have implemented or network technology must at least have used remote desktop and remote access technology to administer and manage networks more practically and better from a distance. For example, in an office that has a server computer that is located in a special building separately, the server is generally not equipped with a monitor or keyboard, to control the server usually the network admin uses remote desktop technology and remote access, how to simply activate the remote desktop application on the server computer or the target computer, then the target computer can be controlled remotely using a client computer or other computer that is connected to the network, both local and internet networks. Remote Access is the ability to connect with resources on a central network of locations. This means using a PC and modem somewhere, via telephone cable, connected to a PC or server on the main network of a company. You can also use the best vpn services to do remote access. There are several common uses of remote access / Remote Desktop including: Controlling other computers from remote locations, for example, to access computer software in divisions or other parts of the company by users of company technical support in their workspace. Monitor the use of other computers remotely. Help other users solve problems on their PC remotely. Monitors the use of running/internet programs remotely. Maintenance (maintenance) of the computer remotely. Sharing resources remotely. Remote Desktop is a remote access application that can monitor the activities of others or monitor a server’s performance remotely. According to Wikipedia remote desktop is one of the features contained in the operating system Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008, which allows users to connect to a remote machine as if they were sitting in front of the machine in question. For now, it turns out that remote desktop technology is not only provided in the window operating system but also has a lot of 3rd party developers who provide special applications that can be used to implement remote desktop to control computers remotely, in fact, there are many remote desktop applications that can run on almost all operating systems. There are lots of remote desktop applications either provided by the operating system, such as Windows for example or provided by 3rd party applications. Here are some examples of remote desktop applications that are widely used today: Windows Remote desktop is an application that has been provided by the Windows operating system Team Viewer, a remote desktop application provided by a 3rd party (not the default operating system) that can be used to control other computers remotely, this application is complete with chat and video call features and is widely used by software developers to collaborate in developing software in a different place. Team viewer is now available for the desktop and mobile versions, so the computer can be controlled via smartphone.